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Virginia Horses

Horseback Riders & Horse Owners of Virginia

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Virginia Horses, the community created for the horseback riders and horse owners of Virginia!

What To Do
Ask for advice, post pictures, tell stories, sell tack, etc.

Respect and be respected.
Use an LJ cut for considerable amounts of text and/or pictures. Feel free to put one or two small pictures in front of the cut.
If somebody says something that you disagree with, feel free to debate, but don't get overly defensive, and don't be rude about it.
Respect all opinions even if you don't agree.
Advertising for other horse-related communities is allowed, but be sure to put it behind the cut if it's a large advertisement.
If you feel like something else needs to be added to this list, please contact me through e-mail.