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30 January 2007 @ 01:49 pm
Rider Wanted  
Assuming both boys are sound and ready to go, I'll be riding both of my horses at Fox Chase in Middleburg on Saturday and possibly Hazelwild in Fredericksburg on Sunday.

They'll be in some of the same divisions so I need someone to do one of them in the hack, and I'm wondering if anyone here would be game. You can school both and pick which one you like better and want to show.

More info:
1.) Yes, it's a W/T/C class but the rider should be able to comfortably ride a 2'6", preferably 3' course; and/or be able to competently ride a First Level dressage test. This is because, while neither of my horses is difficult to ride, my one horse is young and inexperienced and the other is un poco loco, so the rider will need to be the confident leader, not the hopeful passenger.

2.) We provide horse, tack, and entry fees, although feel free to bring your saddle.

3.) You provide your outfit.

4.) You must ride on an Ammy Card.

Any takers?