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25 December 2006 @ 11:43 am
Free Lessons and Training- an open invitation  
Who knows if anyone will be interested, but some people have been posting that their horses are giving them trouble and they don't have money for trainers so...

Because I've decided to scrap my Florida plans due to Alphy's vetting issues and to stick around VA with the boys during winter break, I find myself with only one and a half horses to ride and nothing but time on my hands.

Therefore, I extend an open invitation to anyone in the Charlottesville/Richmond area who wants a couple weeks of free lessons and/or training for their horse.

If you send your horse, for $500 a month (which is base board and goes not to me, but to the owner of the barn for the stall) I'll gladly put your horse in a full, show-quality training program. Your horse gets a 14'x12' impeccably clean stall, free choice hay, grain, turnout with any combination of blankets and boots you desire, daily grooming, and 5-6 days a week of schooling with tack cleaned daily. There's an indoor so he'll get ridden no matter what the weather is doing.
You can come for as many free lessons as you want.

I'll also drive to your place to school/teach if you just cover my gas.

Basically, I like the horses and I have the time so I'm happy to do it.

Any takers?